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A unique software that you should have
To know more about Amal Teacher Pls. read carefully the following 5 short  question . 
Questions : 
  1. Is it possible for someone that lives in USA ,to learn with some
      one that lives in UK?
  2. Are you able to get hundreds of educational software's for free?
  3. Is it possible that one educational software can contain 
     thousands of games and animation's?
  4. Is it possible that one educational software can contain millions
      of math questions?
  5. Is anybody (even none programers ) able to develop 
      educational software that is Internet compatible and
      contains high quality games and animation?
 Answer :
 Yes Amal Teacher support all these features and much more
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Our coming products
According to our plan Amal Teacher will contain 15 different models.
Up to the day we released just 3 models which are 20% of our final product.
We are  developing more cool and unique models that will improve
our software and will keep it always unique .
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