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OK lets start to play
 Game Player Step By Step Demo
This demo help you to walk through 
FrogSoftware.com Game Player.
For every step the help form (i.e. this form)
will be displayed and it will contain information
about the current step.
Every help form contain 2 links.
Next      : This link show the next step.
Back      : This link show the previous step.
Okay now we know how to use this demo ,
let's start to play.
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 Select Questions file and Game
 In this screen the user select Questions file and Game to play.
 Pls. click at  next  to review this screen details.
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 Select Questions type
 Amal Teacher support 2 questions types 
             1:- Internet questions file.
                    i.e. questions files that located in the Internet.
             2:- Local questions files.
                    These are questions files that located in 
                    your hard drive.  Next . .
 Select  questions file/url
    The user should type the selected file path or URL.
   Also he can manage bookmarks for the questions files.
   These questions files were developed  by using our Questions 
   Editor ,which is very easy to use.
   Also the software contain more than 500 questions
    in different categories Next . ..
More about questions files
How can you get questions files ?
Our software contain more than 500 questions
         in different categories.
In our site you can find links to other sites ,
        where you can download questions files.
        Also you can find many links to Internet
        Questions files.
In order to encourage users to exchange questions
       ,we allow users to add link to their questions files 
       in our site.
You can develop your own questions files with
       easy by using our Questions Editor.
By using our Internet Wizard you can convert 
       your questions to Internet Questions file

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  Select Game 
   The last step is to select the associated game to your questions.
   The software contain some cool games that you can use.
   You can download more games from our web site and add 
   these games to your selection.
   Developers can develop their Amal Teacher compatible 
   games by using our special tools and ActiveX.
                                         Next . . . .
Finally the most important features

Amal Teacher support DCC (Direct Client
       You can be connected to a remote player
       over the net.
       You can learn and have fun together.
Always you can add Games and Questions
       to your collection.
       Today you have 500 questions and 10 games
       tomorrow you will have 100 Games and you
       will be able to access 1,000,000 questions.
No more boring educational software Amal 
       Teacher take care that you will get a 
       personalized  software. 
You do not have to pay for this software it is
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