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This is not another educational software ,this is a new concept.
With Amal Teacher you can learn and play with your friends over
the net ,you can access local and Internet questions database. 
Even non programer is able to write educational software and create
Internet questions database.
  You are free to select the associated game to
  your questions.
The user select the questions file and the game that he like to play,
Our Game Player take care that the game and the questions file
will speak together ,even if the game and the questions were developed
by different people.

The user want an educational software that contain math questions and
Memory Game.
The math questions were written by a  French teacher however
the Memory Game was developed by a Japanese company.
With Amal Teacher it is very easy to link the "French" 
questions and the "Japanese game".
The user has to select his math questions file and the Memory
Game ,our Game Player will take care that the game and the 
questions will "talk" together.
Tomorrow he like to play Domino with the same questions he 
solved before ,no problem with Amal Teacher it is easy.
No more boring educational software Amal Teacher take 
care that you will get a personalized  software.
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Access and create Internet Questions Database
Our software allow you to access local and Internet questions files.
With Amal Teacher - Internet Wizard you can convert your local 
questions to Internet Questions Database and upload them to
your site with easy.
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Developers Enjoy a huge market
Do you want to develop Game that support Internet connections
between users?
Do you want to distribute your educational software all over the 
Do you want to develop game that support Amal Teacher 
features with easy?
See how Amal teacher can help you to make money

Our coming products
According to our plan Amal Teacher will contain 15 different models.
Up to day we released just 3 models which is 20% of our final product.
We will continue to develop cool and unique models that will improve
our software and keep it unique forever.
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