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Edu. rsources :Art & Music
Lifetime of Color, A
Includes hands-on activities and techniques, galleries of student and professional work, information about art elements, principles, concepts, media, styles and artists.

Art Child Project 
Frescoes project for schools and children, ages 8-12, from around 
the world.

Art Resources for Teachers 
Lesson plans and links to online resources.

Art Teacher on the Net
Links to art ideas for kids, parents, and teachers.

Helping artists, teachers, and students gain access to and/or share information, resources, and ideas that support the arts as a core subject area in the K-12 curriculum.

Educational Resources in Fine Arts
Lesson plans, links and resources for K-12 art, music and drama teachers.

Eric's Treasure Trove of Music
An encyclopedia of information and links

Kids Art 
Art activities for children.

Library of Congress: American Treasures
The treasures in this exhibition have been placed in the same categories that Jefferson would have used.

Music Education Online 
Includes a database to find a music teacher by location or
music level of ability.

Music Resources for Teachers
Lesson plans and links to online resources.

Music Sites
Music resources, links and information on music theory, music instruction, festivals and concerts.

Music Technology Learning Center 
Resources for educators, students, and musicians.

National Art Education Association
Resources, information and publications for art educators, museum administrators and art education students.

Teachers' Guide for the Professional Cartoonists' Index 
Lesson plans for using editorial cartoons as a teaching tool in Social Sciences, Art, Journalism and English at all levels.

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